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The ill success that followed our athletics during the last year naturally had a depressing effect upon the spirits of Harvard men. The summer now passed, however, it is time that this feeling should be forgotten and that we should freely co-operate with those who have our athletic interests most at heart. Football, of course, is now the chief athletic interest, and to football we first turn our attention. While the captain of the eleven has done and is doing his best, he must have your assistance in order that he may succeed. Subscriptions are necessary, but subscriptions are not all. Your presence is needed on the field to encourage the men to earnest work, but your presence is not enough. What is most to be desired is your active participation in the game, whether your position on the eleven be secured or not. Liberal subscriptions, whole-souled enthusiasm, active personal efforts, all three, united to the energy of the captain, are bound to secure for Harvard the victory in football which the CRIMSON so firmly believes will come.