Appleton Chapel.

Rev. William Lawrence preached in the chapel last evening taking as his text verse 17 of the 6th chapter of Second Kings. The scene is the war between Syria and Israel, and the Syrian host having surrounded Elisha, he quiets the terror of his servant with a prayer, by which the young man sees the heavenly army.

College temptations are the typification of the hostile host, and the young man who fears his own weakness must turn his eyes from these enemies and by true faith he will see and win the help of the wealth of spiritual resources that is awaiting the bidding of every Christian. It is a dull life that looks forward to mere resistance, thinking that if it is not wholly conquered by temptation it has done well; the true Christian puts all his forces at work to trust God for support, and then the temptations lose the battle as completely as did the Syrian host.

The choir sang the following selections: Stainer's "They that Wait Upon the Lord," Sullivan's "Turn Thy Face from Thy Sins," and Gilbert's "Thou Shalt Show Me the Path of Life."