Conference with Yale.

Harvard and Yale have not, as yet, agreed upon a time and place for discussing the athletic question. Captain Linn has been corresponding with Captain Calhoun of the Yale nine in regard to a conference to arrange a series of games for next spring and Mr. P. D. Trafford went to New Haven last week to propose a meeting to discuss the foot ball question. Yale declined to give a definite answer until a careful consideration of the matter could be had.

Friday evening several of Yale's athletic men and graduate advisors met and discussed the subject. The following committee was appointed to outline a policy for Yale: Walter Camp, George Adee, Captain Rhodes of the eleven, Captain Calhoun of the nine, Captain Allen of the crew, Captain Robinson of the track team, Hamill, '90, Jackson '90, McBride'90, Townsend '91, McClung '92, Rogers '93. The committee will meet on Wednesday and will submit its report at a mass meeting of the students.

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