Amherst Agricultural Laboratory.

The new agricultural laboratory of the state college at Amherst is one of the first of its kind in the country. The building is a three story structure of brick, with brown stone trimmings, having a frontage of forty feet and a depth of thirty-five feet. The greenhouse is divided into three parts all of which run the entire length of the building, each part being entirely in dependent of the others. These three parts of the greenhouse will be used for growing all kinds of fungi. The greenhouse itself will have no heating apparatus, but will be used merely to protect such plants as are being experimented with.

In the main building is the office of the instructor in charge; at the left is a collection room, and behind that a photographic study. The second story contains a room and laboratory for the assistant, with collecting and drying rooms. Much will be done in the building in microscopic and physiological observations of fungi growth.