The Freshman Nine.

For the last three weeks the freshman nine has been exercising regularly in the gymnasium under the direction of Captain Linn of the 'varsity nine. They first practice stopping grounders, throwing at a mark and base running. They then drill in squads under the supervision of Trafford, Frothingham, and Ayer respectively, go through the chest-weight and dumb bell movements and run around the track five times.

It is too early yet to speak of the merits of the respective candidates. That there is much good material goes without saying, but the candidates do not seem to show any extraordinary ability not evinced by those of previous nines. Hereto it has been the custom for the class or the candidates for the nine to elect a temporary captain, but this custom will be departed from this year. Captain Linn will himself appoint the temporary captain when the proper time comes, and late in the year the members of the nine will elect a permanent captain. Several of the candidates for the freshman nine were captains of last year's preparatory school nines, among whom are Manning (captain of last year's st. Mark's), Ayer (captain of last year's Brown and Nichols), Frothlugham (captain of last year's Adams Academy). B. W. Trafford, who is in charge of one of the squads will try for the 'varsity nine. The following is a list of the candidates and the positions for which each will try: Out field-Weld, Stevens, Dibblee, Soutnwicke, Merriam, Johnson, Stevenson, Gould, Farquhar, Barlow, C. C. Baldwin, Manchester, Waters, Jackson, Dodge, Kendricken, Hoppin; infield including pitcher and catcher-Butter, Fiske, Martin, Trafford (varsity), Soule, H. S. Blake, Collamore, Manning, Ayer, Dinsmore, Noell. Manly, Strong, Dearbon, Wiggin, Frothingham, Falk, Hutchiuson, Day, Howe; outfield or infield-Hastie, Burnett, Sewell, Winslow, Farwell, Sanborn, Marshall. Total, 44 candidates.