The Century Magazine for January.

The interest in the January Century centres in the artice on the death of Linclon and the pursuit and death of Booth, the assassin. The first is a chapter in Nicolay and Hay's great history, and the second is written by M. B. Ruggles and E. P. Doherty, both of whom were eye-witnesses. The "Present Day Papers" are continued by an article on Problems of the Family by Rev. Samuel W. Dike, and W. J. Stillman adds to his series on the Italian Old Masters by a paper on Andrea Mantegua, with a fine engraying by Timothy Cole. The second paper in Professor Fisher's series on the Nature and Method of Revelation is entitled "The Gradualness of Revelation." Among the lighter articles is the Autobiography of Joseph Jefferson and the "Merry Chanter" by Frank R. Stockton, both of which are very entertaining. "The Merry Chanter" is full of Stockton's peculiar but delightful humor. Amelia B. Edwards, the distinguished Egyptologist contributes "Bubastis, an Historical Study." Henry James has a short sketch on the French caricaturist, Daumier. The Topics of the Times, Open Letter, and Bric-a-Brac departments are full of interest.