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The appearance of a young man who went to several rooms in the yard buildings last evening asking for money to get to his home, and who was found, by a comparison of his stories, to be an imposter, suggests the need of greater watchfulness on the part of both watchmen and students. There is a rule posted in every entry forbidding peddlers, beggars, etc., from entering under penalty of arrest; but chiefly through the fault of the students this has become a dead letter. Few if any of the forbidden visitors are even deterred by the sign and the students seldom remind them of it. Consequently we have become used to seeing peddlers in the halls and are not on our guard. To Old John there is, of course, no objection. If the rule were strictly enforced, the first appearance of any such prowler would be evidence against him, and our rooms would be less exposed to the visits of sneak thieves, who now have all the chance they could ask in most of the college buildings.