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The action of the committee in refusing to permit the Glee Club to take a trip during the Christmas vacation is hard to understand. We have not mentioned the scheme before this year feeling that without doubt it would pass the committee without delay and never require the attention of the Faculty. We are disappointed at what has been done. It is hardly in keeping with the condition of affairs which, everyone maintains, exists now-a-days at Harvard. It reflects upon everyone in college, for if a group of representative men, chosen only because they can sing, cannot be trusted, then the college at large is not trustworthy. There is a deal of school-boy tone attached to all the arguments which we have heard so far against the trip which is humiliating to say the least. If the fact that the great majority of Harvard under-graduates are just as much interested in upholding the good name of the college as any of the graduates is appreciated, as it ought to be, it is hard to see why the Glee Club should not be allowed to take the trip. When the petition reaches the Faculty we earnestly hope that there will be a careful consideration of the question before the matter is decided.