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Col. T. W. Higginson was prevented by sickness from speaking at the meeting of the Free Wool Club last evening.

In the last seven years Yale has played 78 games of football, with a total score of 3963 points to her opponents' 80.

A gymnasium meeting for members of the B. A. A. will be held Wednesday evening, Nov. 12. The events are: 15 yards dash (scratch), standing broad jump, standing high jump, and 16 lb. shot. The last three are handicaps.

The candidates for the Yale freshman eleven went to training table yesterday. The men are: James, McDuff, Ward, Dunkerson, Eaton, Jenkins, Miller, Holter, Polk, Stewart, Stothers, Perkins, Cox, Van Huych, Burr, Van Ingen, Jones and McCormick. Several more men will be taken in a few days.

The Princeton eleven, as finally selected, is composed as follows: Homans, full-back; King, right half; Spicer, left-half; Poe, quarter-back; Warren, left end; Woods, left tackle; Jefferson, left guard; J. Riggs, centre; Thomas, right guard; Speer, right tackle; Furness, right end. Substitutes: Davis, Bonner, Hayden, Lansder, Gallwey, Lewis and Dalton. This eleven will probably be the one which will meet Yale.