Appleton Chapel.

Rev. Lyman Abbott, preached in Appleton Chapel last evening, taking as his text the sixty-sixth and sixty-seventh verses of the sixth chapter of Saint John. Christ asks the disciples if they will leave him and Peter asks whither they should turn if they did. Before a man turns aside from the Christian religion let him seek out carefully what those who are tempting him away have to offer that will compensate for the precious belief he already holds. He will find that worship of man himself, disbelief of all forgiveness, of reward of virtue and punishment of vice, of soul, of future life, of Heaven, and of Divinity are the tenets of the unbelievers; that this creed and the blackness of an eternal grave to look forward to, are what unbelievers offer as an alternative for the Christian religion with all its beauty, of hope in future happiness and trust in a loving God.

The choir sang the following anthems: If ye love Me, keep My Commandments-Tallis (1520-1535). The Lord is my Shepherd-Perceval. Crucifix-Fame.