Fact and Rumor.

The marks in Geology 1 are out.

De Foe will be the next author read in English 7.

The Bicycle Club will have a smoker tonight.

French 8 has taken up the study of Voltaire.

Cornell and the University of Michigan play Nov. 15.

There will soon be an hour examination in French 10.

Marks are out for the hour examination in German A.

The examination in English 9 will not include Scott.

A gathering of Yale alumni was held Tuesday evening in Springfield.

None of the provisional marks have as yet been handed in at the office.

The highest price paid for a box at the Yale-Princeton game was $115.?

Captain Poe, of Princeton, will play again this season in spite of his injuries.

The next subject to be taken up in Philosophy 14 is the Labor Question.

There will be an hour examination in English 11 in the course of a week or ten days.

It is said that lawn tennis is more popular in Holland than in any other European country.

The Week's Sport considers Yale's right end rush the weakest point on the team.

The lecture at the meeting of Conference Francaise last evening was Balzac and his friends.

The freshman team did not go to Providence, as Brown telephoned that it was too wet to play.

A number of Harvard men are planning to take a prolonged bicycle trip through France next summer.

The Amherst Glee Club has been incorporated under the laws of Massachusetts as the Amherst Musical Association.

The average price of the boxes for the Yale-Princeton game on Thanks-giving day was about $30 or an average of about $3 a seat. The total receipts from the sale amounted to $1,661.

There will be a regular meeting of the Harvard Electric Club tonight at 7.30 p. m. in the club room in Lawrence. Mr. W. C. Sabine of the Physical department will speak on self induction.

Bowdoin has taken Stevens' place in the New England Inter-Collegiate Foot-ball Association, which now consists of Amberst, Williams, Dartmouth, Boston Technology and Bowdoin.