Verestchagin Exhibition.

The most interesting picture in the collection now on exhibition at 401 Tremont St. is Millet's "Angelus," which is too familiar to need any comment. The paintings of Verestchagin immediately impress the spectator with their remarkable power. Many of them cover enormous canvasses, and give a wonderful effect of distance. Among the military scenes, "The Conquered" and "The Road of the War Prisoners" are the most striking. The painting of "Jesus in the Desert" gives an extraordinary sense of loneliness. The faces in the large groups and small portraits alike are executed with great care and individuality. Among the smaller pictures the snow scenes show a unique power in the use of white; and the paintings of the Pearl Mosque give the effect of reflection on a marble floor so perfectly that it is difficult to believe, at first, that the scenes are only on canvass. The mosque pictures also show a remarkable power of detail.