No Headline

The final game in the class series will be played this afternoon. Each team deserves to receive the encouragement of its classmates, and, if we may judge by the two preceding games, the resort is by no means a foregone conclusion. It is the last chance that Ninety-one will have to try to win a football championship and all seniors will do well to remember this. Ninety-three has more time, and a victory will therefore be so much the greater. Both sides have had a fair chance to settle all disputes and each team will go to the field knowing that this is a fact. There can be no occasion for any grumbling whatever after the game today.

The announcement that Dr. Lyman Abbott will begin the conduct of prayers either this morning or before the middle of the week will be received with expressions of pleasure and gratitude. Every one who was in college last year will remember how intensely interesting Dr. Abbott was every time he spoke, and how much good each of his talks did. We are sure that he will be will be welcomed even more warmly this year than he was last. We cannot help appreciating his effort to help Harvard when we consider the great personal inconvenience which Dr. Abbott undergoes in order to be with us.