The second eleven played the Fall River Club at Fall River Saturday. The game commenced with Harvard having the ball. By short rushes Harvard forced the ball near the goal and Frothingham by a rush through the centre made a touch down; goal. Score 6-0. Fall River after three downs kicked and ball went to Harvard, and being rushed 25 yards, went to Fall River by Weed's fumble. Fall River kicked again, Harvard scoring a touch down and goal. In the second half Fall River rushed the ball to the 25 yard line, from which Frothingham by a fine run scored a touch down; goal. Frothingham scored another touchdown through the centre, and shortly after time was called.

Harvard's make up was: Rushers, Miller, Shea, Fay, Mackie, Steadman, Weld, McDonald; half-backs, Alward, Waters; quarter-back, Neff; full-back, Frothingham. Referee, H. C. Smith, '93. Umpire, Lincoln, '92.