The Harvard man who picks up the November Outing will undoubtedly be led to examine first the foot ball article by Walter Camp of Yale. It is short but contains a number of valuable hints and an exposition of the elements of the game "for captain and coach;" showing the points which a captain standing on the side of the field should note in his players.

Another interesting article is that by Sanborn Gore Tenney on "Athletics at Williams." The achievements of our sister college in athletics are set forth, with suitable views of buildings and of teams.

The article on the National Guard of Minnesota, Captain King's "Ranchodel Muerto," G. P. Mathes' "Canoe Trip down the Chippewa," and E. Hitchcock's "Wrestling," are all concluded in this number. The literature of out-door life is represented by a mysterious cycling story, the scene of which is laid in France, and by a piscatorial poem, or picture in verse. The opening article on Long Island sniping, Mr. Shinn's "California on Horseback," and Mrs. E. Kennedy's salmon story are also deserving of mention. The number concludes with the various useful records of sports and games.