Fact and Rumor.

There is a thesis due in Phil. 4 today.

Williams College has a flourishing art association.

Theme III of English B was returned yesterday.

A bare and hounds club has been formed at Williams.

The Yale University catalogue will be out Friday.

Hight, L. S., coached the Sophomore crew again yesterday.

The Glee Club will sing at Jamaica Plain tomorrow evening.

Several new book cases have been added to the library this week.

The Harvard Club of N. Y. City has nearly 600 members.

Downes has been allowed the world's record for 400 yards.

Professor Sheldon's division, Spanish I, has begun Gil Blas.

The reading for History 1 up to the mid-years was given out yesterday.

The marks in the hour examination in Greek 6 were given yesterday.

The Harvard Glee Club will go to Philadelphia instead of to Pittiburg.

The sophomore crew is rowing in the tank. There are now three crews rowing.

Eighty-four men have been admitted to Memorial Hall from the waiting list.

All of Princeton's last year's nine are in college except McMillan, right field.

The St. Paul's School cricket team will take a trip to Hallfax, N. S., next season.

The Wesleyan University Club of Boston held their annual dinner Monday evening.

Rev. William Lawrence has sent invitations to students for a reception Thursday evening to meet Dr. Rainsford.

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