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It is a lamentable fact that the interest which graduates of Exeter now at Harvard take in their preparatory school this year has fallen so low as to call out expressions of surprise from the Exeter papers. Only about two years ago the group of Exeter men at Harvard formed a club for the purpose of furthering the interests of Harvard at Exeter; there was a deal of enthusiasm in the cause, and plans were proposed which promised well. But now, in this very short time, all interest in the club seems to have died out. If we might be pardoned for a free expression of our opinion, we should tell the Harvard Exeter Club that it is no longer a matter of their convenience, but that it is now a duty which Harvard demands shall be fulfilled that Harvard be not made to appear so indifferent in the eyes of sub-freshmen at Exeter. We cannot afford to ignore men in these preparatory schools; Exeter and Andover are the primary sources of foot-ball material, a fact which a glance at the list of men on the great teams this year will prove. The Exeter Club will, we hope, see the importance of their position and act accordingly.