The Delphi Excavations.

There has been considerable talk in the papers to the effect that the project for excavating Delphi under the auspices of the American Archaelogical institute has been abandoned. Professor C. E. Norton, who has been considerably interested in the matter has given the facts of the case to the DAILY CRIMSON.

Harvard College has raised the sum promised by her for the excavations at Delphi, and not only she but also America stand ready with the promised sum to begin the work. But affairs have come to a standstill, owing to a change of ministry in Greece. The former minister was ready to help us in every way. but the new minister is opposed to him. not only politically but also personally. Whether he will allow us to begin the work and help us in it remains to be seen. Mean while negotiations are being opened with him, and in the course of a few months we shall know whether he favors our projector not. Until then nothing further can be done.