Conference Francaise.

At the meeting of the Conference Francaise last evening two new members were initiated: Mr. H. Hapgood, '92, read a story of Nantasket, and Mr. G. H. Scudder, '92, an amusing Cambridge tale. Professor Cohn then read the comedy "Le Voyage in Dieppe," by Wafflard and Fulgence, which the society is to bring out this spring. The time of the play is supposed to be in the beginning of this century, before the day of railroads, and the plot turns on the misadventures of an old Paris bourgeois, who, with his wife and daughter, starts on a trip to Dieppe to see the ocean, and by a series of intricate circumstances, finds himself the next morning in Paris instead of at his destination. The play is in three acts and has a large number of characters. If members of the society show energy in volunteering their services it cannot fail of being a success. Members who wish to act should send in their names as soon as possible to the president of the Conference, Mr. H. F. Strout, 11 Holyoke house.