The February Century.

The midwinter Century contains the last chapters of Nicolay and Hay's remarkable history of Abraham Lincoln, the publication of which is undoubtedly the greatest work ever undertaken by a magazine. The last installment describes the capture of Jefferson Davis and the end of the war, and closes with an able analysis of Lincoln's fame as a statesman. In connection with the capture of Davis, James Harrison Wilson and William P. Stedman describe their experience in two interesting papers.

Mr. Roosevelt of the Civil Service commission contributes a paper on the "Merit System versus the Patronage System" in which he ably defends the spirit of civil service reform. "Emerson's Talks with a College Boy" is a collection of remarks made by the great essayist to Charles J. Woodbury, while the latter was a student at Williams. It is accompanied by an engraving from a full length portrait of Emerson painted about 1859. Charles de Kay has a well illustrated article on some of the newly discovered Greek terracottas. "A Corner of Old Paris." by Elizabeth Balch, is a charming sketch of the Musee des Archives, with many excellent reproductions of old paintings and prints. The serials by Frank R. Stockton and Amelia E. Barr are continued. Professor Fisher continues his discussion of the Nature and Method of Revelation, and Joseph Jefferson his autobiography. There are also several short stories and essays.