Candidates for the Nine.

A meeting of all the college men interested in baseball was held last evening in the trophy room of the gymnasium. Capt. Linn made a few remarks to the forty-three men present, in the course of which he impressed upon them the necessity of conforming strictly to the training, which will commence next Monday at 4 o'clock. The following men of last year's nine presented themselves: Howland, Evans, Dean, McLeod; and the following candidates, Mason, Commons, Allen, Upton, Nelson, Howe, Doe, Mead, Hale, jr, Curtis, Noomer, Trafford, Babbit, Washburn, Winsor, Cummin, Wrenn, Alward, Austrian, Vites, Hollis, Piper, Spalding, Crosby, Stetson, McCoy, Luce, jr., Perkins, Carpenter, Parker, Simons, Young, Gambrill, Calkins, Marshall, Washburn, Holland, Neff. Total, 43.