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Complaint comes to us from the officers of the Pierian Sodality in regard to the financial management of last December's concert. The CRIMSON feels perfectly justified in saying a word about the matter, which ordinarily would be settled between the two parties concerned without outside interference. It seems that the entire business responsibility of the concert was put into the hands of the Glee Club with the proviso that the financial proceeds should be afterwards divided among the clubs. If this agreement had been carried out within a reasonable time, the members of the Pierian Sodality would have no cause for complaint; but although almost a month and a half has passed by, no part of the receipts has been handed over from the treasurer of the Glee Club to the above mentioned organization. This negligence on the part of the Glee Club is all the more culpable because it has put the Pierian Sodality in sore financial straits. The management of that organization has contracted debts perfectly legitimate and such as could be easily paid if the proceeds of the concert had been turned over to them as agreed. The consequence is that the Pierian has lost the confidence of its creditors. The matter is by no means so trivial as it may seem to the Glee club whose management is in reality deserving the strongest blame. It remains to be seen what reason the Glee club can give for its long-continued neglect.