Cricket Candidates.

Over twenty-five men met in the trophy room of the gymnasium yesterday afternoon, and signed as candidates for the cricket eleven. Most of those present were men who have had little or no experience in the game, although there was a good sprinkling of last year's players. These men will begin at once light work in the gymnasium, with dumb-bells and pulley-weights. As soon as the weather permits they will practice on Jarvis field. Many more men have announced their intention of becoming candidates when outdoor work begins. Those present yesterday were as follows: Captain R. D. Brown, '90, t. W. Balch '90, R. W. Frost L. S., S. E. Carpenter '92, H. F. Hewes '90, T. S. Lee '91, and H. A. Davis '91, of last year's eleven; C. E. Hutchinson '93, A. E. Healey '91, C. H. Blodgett '93, J. B. Sheffield '93, G. Walcott '93, G. H. Schudder '92, E. W. Pinkham '92, E. T. Brewster '90, S. Ward '92, W. M. Turner '91, R. P. Bowler '93, E. T. Scott '93, R. K. Thomas '93, H. S. Blake, Sp., H. G. Nichols '93, H. R. Wadleigh '93, G. W. Keene '92, R. L. Stevens '93, G. B. Henshaw '90, and W. MacVeagh '93.

All candidates will meet at the gymnasium at 4 o'clock daily.