The Hasty Pudding Theatricals.

The annual spring theatricals of the Hasty Pudding Club will he presented at the Berkeley Lyceum, New York, on Monday and Tuesday evenings, April 7th and 8th. A matinee performance will also be given on the afternoon of April 8. This year's play, entitled, "Helen and Paris, or, the Dade, the Dunce and the Daisy," is a burlesque on the Iliad, and was written by W. K. Post, '90. Tickets have already been put on sale at Thurston's, and may also be obtained in New York at the Harvard Grub, at the Berkeley Lyceum, at the Woman's Exchange, and at the Fifth Avenue hotel; the boxes holding eight seats, may be obtained on application to R. G. Fessenden, '90, 60 Mt. Auburn street.

The following ladies have kindly consented to act as patronesses: Mrs. Francis R. Appleton, Mrs. Edmund L. Baylies, Mrs. Charles C. Beaman, Mrs. George Blagden, Mrs Ira Bursley, Mrs. Joseph H. Choate, Mrs. G. C. Clark, Mrs. W. H. Draper, Mrs. Francis O. French, Mrs. Richard M. Hunt, Mrs. Edward King, Mrs. Adolphe Ladenburg. Mrs. John W. Minturn, Mrs. J. Pierpont Morgan, Mrs. Charles A. Post, Mrs. Theodore Roosevelt, Mrs. Jacob Wendell, Mrs. Robert Winthrop.