The Delphi Fund.

At the invitation of Dr. M. H. Morgan of the classical department a meeting of undergraduates was held in U. 5 last evening for the purpose of discussing informally whether Harvard should contribute to the fund for the excavation of Delphi. Dr. Morgan and Dr. Tarbell both talked for a few minutes, and explained the character of the work to be done at Delphi, and the plan of raising the needed funds. The matter was then discussed and it was decided that the best way to find out the sentiment of the university was to call a mass meeting to be addressed by men in college especially well qualified to speak on the matter. The following undergraduates form the general committee at whose call the mass meeting will be announced: From '90-P. S. Abbot, T. W. Balch, T. S. Bradlee, R. D. Brown, F. F. Causey, H. Chalfant, R. I. Crocker, S. Dexter, 1st., H. P. Magoun, G. Norman, R. F Parker, J. C. Rolfe; from '91-J. T. Burnett, H. A. Davis. J. B. Henderson, Jr., H. McCulloch, Jr., I. N. P. Stokes, H. Tallant, S. Van Rensallaer; from '92-T. W. Lamont, H. M. Landon, N. Rantoul, R. Saltonstall; from '93-R. Norton; graduate, H. W. Haley. The special sub committee on arrangements is Dr. M. H. Morgan, P. S. Abbot, R. D. Brown, H. W. Haley, H. P. Magoun.