Fact and Rumor.

Forensic briefs are due today.

The marks in Greek 6 are out.

The annual dinner of the Yale News will be held next Monday.

The forensic briefs in English C and D are due today.

N. T. Robb, '93, has been elected a steward of the Harvard Athletic as sociation.

Professor Sumichrast is giving a series of interesting lectures on Calvin in French V.

All the copies of Swift's works will be reserved for English A men for the next two weeks.

The first number of the Lampoon under the new board will be out within a week.

The members of Fine Arts 4 wishing their mid year marks should leave postal cards with Professor Norton.

Professor Hart gave a talk on Speaker Reed's decision in History XIII. yesterday instead of the regular course.

Members of French 4 will hereafter be required to hand in weekly reports of the books read outside the lecture room.

Derby Rogers, '93, has been elected permanent captain of the Yale freshman crew.

The Illustrated American has in this week's number pictures of the Harvard and Yale 'varsity crews.

There will be a recitation in Chemistry 1 on Mercury for the first section Thursday and for the second section Friday.

The books to be used in N. H. 3 are Gray's Manual of Botany, 6th revised edition, and Gray's Botanical Textbook, which consists of two volumes.

A number of instantaneous views of the 'varsity crew during practice have been taken lately; they will be valuable for criticizing the details of the stroke.

J. F. Huntington, '91, a promising candidate for short stop on the Yale nine, has strained his back so severely that he has been compelled to stop training.

All men in Professor Von Jagemann's divisions of German A must have their exercise books ready to hand in at any time, as they will be collected without previous notice.

Captain White of the Exeter nine, denies the statement in the last number of the Week's Sport to the effect that a professional would catch for the Exeter nine during the coming season.

A number of builders have made estimates for the new Yale gymnasium and the contract is soon to be awarded. A great part of the $40.000 remaining to be collected when the last circular was issued has been subscribed.

According to the itemized statement of the receipts and expenses of the Cornell football association, recently published in the Sun, the amount of the former is $2,425.88, and the latter $2,825, including the debt of last year.

The following men in the Law school have formed a California Law club for the purpose of studying the Callfornia code in connection with the work of the Law school: G. F. Buck, J. F. Brown, Jr., W. M. Willett, F. B. Lord, M. Gerstle, P. W. Stanford, F. Woodworth.

The re-organized debating society at Yale has taken for its name, the Yale Union. At the first meeting last week the proposal of the Harvard Union to a joint debate was considered, but no definite action was taken in regard to it.