Yale Freshman Teams.

For some time past the candidates for the Yale freshman nine have been practicing regularly in fields on Orange and Elm streets. These fields will probably be used hereafter until practice can be begun on the Yale field. Up to the present time the training has consisted chiefly in short runs, light gymnasium exercise, and work in the out-field; and had it not been for the recent snow, the candidates for the battery and in-field would have soon begun out-door practice. There are at present nearly sixty candidates, but this number will be reduced immediatley to twenty-five. The management of the nine is having considerable difficulty in arranging dates for games. Dates, however, have been secured with Andover and Exeter for May 30 and 31 respectively; also Williston, Columbia Grammar school, Columbia freshmen and the Brown freshmen wish to arrange dates later. Teams have been challenged for the Easter trip in Plainville, Waterbury, Norwalk, Meriden, New Britain and Huntington but none have yet accepted Yale.

The candidates for the freshman crew have been reduced to twenty, and are for the present under the supervision of James, '90. It would be impossible to give a eriticism of each man, but there are many faults common to all. The average weight of the men is rather light, yet with diligent work it is expected to put a strong crew on the water in the spring. The following men are still candidates: C. W. Mills, S. B. Ives, J. S. Cravens, A. M. Wallis, D. Rogers, T. I. Chatfield, J. A. Gould, S. E. Crump, E. F. Gallaudet, M. A. Pond, A. B. Graves, T. Denney, Jr., A. L. Van Huyek, R. S. Pitkin, T. L. Bristol, G. T. Slade, H. S. Thompson, F. K. Bremner, T. Parker, and W. M. Strong.