The New Porcellian Club House.

The new Porcellian club house which is to be built on the site of the old building will cost $32.000 and will be ready for use by February 1891, the anniversary of the founding of the club. The present quarters are old and entirely inadequate and experts have decided that it would be unwise to try to remodel them.

On the first of the four floors will be spacious stores; on the second will be the general club room with the large library arranged along the whole length of the building. On this same floor is the morning room large and well adapted for its uses. The breakfast room, kitchen, pantry, china closets, etc., are to be on the third floor, as well as the billiard room, which will have ten of the finest tables that can be produced. The bath room, with all the modern conveniences is placed on the same floor. In the top of the building will be the supper room which will be large enough for all meetings of the society. This room will be high and will ventilated with open truss work. Near this is a serving room and other rooms necessary for carrying on banquets.