Yale Notes.

An advanced optional course in Harmony is now offered by the Yale faculty. Regular attendance will be expected from all who elect the course, howbeit the course is voluntary. All those who desire to take the course will be allowed to elect it this year, and next year it will be open to juniors and seniors and to a few more men perhaps, if it can be so arranged. The text book to be used is Richter's Manual of Harmony. A special feature in this course will be the opportunities for access to the musical books in the university library, many of which are very rare. About forty men have already expressed their desire to elect the course.

At a meeting of the senior class held Monday evening the following men were elected to the different class offices; class secretary, F. T. Brooks; triennial committee, C. P. Kellogg, N. James, G. D. Yeomans; ivy committee, H. C. Foote, F. S. Meara, H. M. Sage; class cup committee, J. W. Corwith, John Crosby, W. Parker, jr.; class day committee, O. K. Hutchinson, A. A. Tilney, F. Bedell, M. Baird, G. Espy; class supper committee, R. L. Ireland, E. Ames, L. McClintock, B. Hanson, H. D. Collins.

The following men have been elected editors of the Yale News: S. W. Childs '91, S. Colgate '91, S. S. Jewett '91, E. Van Ingen '91 S., C. S. Haight '93, Pierre Joy '92, E. H. Mason '92, G. A. Gordon '92 S., H. W. Hamlin, '92 S., N. H. Swayne '93.