English 6. Oral Debate. University 2, 3 P. M.

Question: "Resolved, That the National Government should refund the direct tax levied in 1861"

Principal disputanis,-Affirmative, C. W. Spencer, '90, and G. O. Swasey, 90.

Negative,-A. C. Burnham, '90, and E. S. Griffing, '90. Open to all students of the University.

The Cuneiform Inscriptions and Genesis. Illustrated lecture. Professor Lyon. Jefferson Physical Laboratory, 4 p. m.

The public are invited.

Deutscher Verein. The poetry of Walther von der Vogelweide. Dr. Julius Goebel. Sever 11, 7.30 P. M.

Base ball. Harvard '93 vs. Cambridge High and Latin Schools, Jarvis field, 4 p. m.