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Yale's long delay in answering the challenge of the Cycling Association had almost discouraged all hope of her accepting. The letter received yesterday, though rather ambiguous, shows that the matter is receiving attention, and will, we hope, be satisfactorily arranged. Harvard left "choice of course, distance, number of men, and date" to Yale. If Yale's choice is a two mile race between teams of three men, at the Elm City Driving Park, on June 9, Harvard will, according to the terms of the challenge, be glad to accept. The letter from the Yale Athletic Association does not appear to state definitely whether they will certainly enter a team if Harvard does; but it at least intimates this. We hope that negotiations will be completed without delay, and the precedent of an annual bicycle team race established. Such an institution would be only a legitimate extension of a dual league, which seems to be advocated in principle by both colleges. The Shooting Club has held one match with Yale. If the Cycling Association meets her this year, we may hope to see the other minor sports follow suit, and carry the annual Yale-Harvard contests beyond the four most important branches of athletics. The immediate advantage to both colleges in the encouragement of bicycling need not be dwelt upon. The letter from Yale is a long step toward a mutual agreement. We hope that nothing will interfere to prevent a race.