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The pamphlet issued by the Canadian Club is a gratifying evidence of the members' loyalty to Harvard. In spite of the reputation of the college, life here inevitably becomes distorted in distant states and in Canada, and stories are circulated about Harvard's being "a place for rich men's sons only" a hot-bee of atheism, and other absurdities. The only means of refuting these distortions is by placing the facts before the public. This is what the members of the Canadian Club have done. They describe briefly the library, expenses, pecuniary aid, religious services, and the college as a whole. The facts so lucidly set forth in their pamphlet will correct any false impressions among those whom it may reach. It is a noteworthy sequel to last year's organization among the graduates, and their publication. Another, and perhaps more important, service of the Canadian Club's pamphlet will be to spread a knowledge of Harvard throughout Canada. If Harvard has not been growing as rapidly as she might in the Western States, such energy as this among western graduates and undergraduates would soon stimulate the growth. The result of the Canadian Club's action ought to become evident in a few years through an increased attendance of Canadians at Harvard.