The German Department.

There will be important changes in the construction of the German courses next year. There will be three courses for freshmen: German A, like the present German A; German B, for more advanced freshmen who may wish to jump German 1; and German C for those who have already studied some German but are not ready for course 1. German 1 will be divided into section A, modern poetry; section B, modern historical and biographical prose; section C, scientific German. Courses 2, 3 and 4 will treat of Lessing, Schiller and Goethe. They will be given by Professors Francke, Bartlett and Von Jagemann respectively, and no two can count as full courses for the same man. German 4 will be less advanced than the present Goethe course. German 5 will be a general survey of German literature from the earliest periods until now; Professor Francke will lecture and read from the masterpieces and students will be expected to do much private reading. course 6 will be omitted next year. Course 7, by Professor Francke, will treat the history of German literature and art during the middle ages. Course 8, by Professor Von Jagemann, will consist of a more minute study of mediaeval poetry by means of texts, the Nibelungelied. Gudrun, Hartmann, Wolfram and Walther. Course 9 will be practice in grammar and in writing German. There will also be advanced philology courses in Gothic, historic grammar and Germanic philology, a course in paleography, (the subject next year to be the study of Praiseful), a course by Mr. Kittredge in Germanic mythology. Course 20 will be devoted to selected topics. Professor Bartlett will conduct the critical study of Schiller and Professor Von Jagemann that of early texts.