Cary Gymnasium.

Everything is now completed in the Cary Gymnasium, but the time remaining is so short that it will probably not be thrown open until next Fall. There are about one hundred lockers in all, a part being on the first floor near the base ball cage, and the remainder on the second floor. On the top floor is a small room containing a large closet fitted up with numerous pegs, which are to be used for drying purposes, open to all. Connecting with the three floors is a dumb waiter, running up from the bath-rooms on the first floor, by means of which clothing can be raised or lowered to the different floors. A large revolving fan is fixed in the basement, by which air, either hot or cold, is conducted through the building, there being no steam pipes. The plumbing, which has been done by a Cambridgeport firm, is an admirable piece of work. The water in the rowing tank has been allowed to run out and at present it stands empty.