Harvard University Bulletin.

The Harvard University Bulletin for May has just been issued, and in it is to be found a record of the acts of the corporation, and a list of the books added to the library during the past three months. Among the acts of the corporation are to be noticed the following: The grateful acceptance of $5,000 from Nathaniel C. Nash, as the first instalment of his gift for the botanical lecture-room: the establishment of the "George B. Sohier Prize" of $250 a year for the best thesis presented by a successful candidate for honors in English or in modern literature; the granting to Prof. Adams S. Hill of leave of absence for the academic year 1890-91; the reduction of the rent of No. 1 Foxcroft House to $150 a year; the granting of leave of absence to Librarian Winsor for the academic year 1890-91; the acceptance of a portrait of Senator George Francis Hoar to be hung in the dining-room in Memorial Hall.