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The unparalleled race which Yale, with seven men, rowed last Saturday against the Atalanta crew, has again given rise to a spirit here at Harvard against which we protest. There is no reason whatever as yet for Harvard to feel anxious about the annual race, and there is no reason why certain men about college, noted for grumbling, should declare that Yale even now has practically won. This is not the spirit which makes a crew or a nine work, and which wins victories. Harvard men are altogether too willing to admit that they are beaten. Nearly everyone had given the game to the Yale freshmen last Saturday, and Yale would have won had not two or three men of energy appeared and set an example of so much spirit that the crowd could not help feeling it. If Harvard men are going to admit themselves beaten before the issue has been clearly decided we shall never win. If the old spirit of working hard until the last moment, of cheering until the end of the contest, and of never losing heart can be regained, Harvard will begin to win again.