Scratch Races.

The scratch races of the Harvard Rowing Association took place on the river yesterday afternoon. The pouring rain during the races made it extremely disagreeable for the contestants. The first four crews came to the scratch, taking position in order from the boat house. Crew No. 1 got the lead, but was soon out-distanced by the rest. No. 3, Bremmer, Dodge, H. Page, E. M. Weld, crossed the line first, followed closely by No. 4. In the second heat were 5, 6, 7, 8. No. 7, Richmond, Garceau, Soren, DuPont, won with No. 8 second. Crew nine withdrew, leaving 10, 11, 12. Soon after the start Wirslow, who was rowing in No. 12, broke his oar. No 10, Barnes, G. Walcott, Abbott, Post, won with No. 11 second. The last trial heat was between 12, 13, 14, 15. Crew 14, Lund, Williams, Smith, Curtis, won with thirteen second. Cheney, '90, Paine, '90, Lewis, '90, and Baker, '93, were coxwains. The final heat will be rowed over the same course at 4 o'clock this afternoon between crews 3, 7, 10 and 14. Positions will be assigned by lot. The same men will act as coxwains.

The crews were much changed; but were finally made up as follow: Crew 1, C. Sturgis, R. H. Weld, Newell, Rhodes; Crew 2, Barney, Purington, Jaggar, Robbins; Crew 3, Bremmer. Dodge, H. Page, E. M. Weld; Crew 4, Slocum, Taylor, Halliday, S. E. Carpenter; Crew 5; C. Brewer, French, G. Blagden, Loring; Crew 6, J. S. Codman, Hay, Stone, Morton; Crew 7, Richmond, Garceau, Soren, DuPont; Crew 8, Giddings, Payson, Hunt, C. P. Huntington; Crew 9 withdrew; Crew 10. Barnes, Walcott, Abbott, Post; Crew 11, King, Larrabee, Walcott, Put nam; Crew 12, Winslow, Scudder, Irwin, Barr; Crew 13, Hale, Young, Martin, Holland; Crew 14. Lund, Williams, Smith, Curtis; Crew 15, Black, Stults, Paine, Shaver.