WANTED.- Owners for a large lot of text, note and blue books.

LEAVITT AND PEIRCE.FOUND.- A pair of eye-glasses in the basement of Memorial Sunday evening. Call at M. 13.

The D. U. photograph will be taken Wednesday, June 4, on the back steps of Sever.

L. K. MOORE.DELTA UPSILON.- The society will be photographed Wednesday. June 4, at 1.30 on back steps of Sever.

C. P. BLANEY.ENG. A.- On Saturday, Juen 7, the class will present themselves for the final examination as follows:

Abbott to Dunn, Sever 35.

Earie to Knapp, Sever 37.

Lapsley to Rounsaville, U. E. R.

Sanborn to Sturgis, U. 2.

Taussig to Villard, U. 4.

Walcott to Young, U. 16.