HISTORY 11.- The course will be reviewed this evening at 7.15 in Manter 2.

W. W. NOLEN.The notes and comparisons in Pol. Econ. 1 are out. They are for sale at Thurston's.

LOST.- Tuesday, after Fine Arts 4 exam., a silver topped ink-stand marked "G. E. D." Finder please leave at Leavitt and Peirce's.

MOTT HAVEN TEAM.- The Mott Haven Team will be photographed at Pach's on Wednesday, June 11, at 1.30.

EDWARD STURGIS.Tickets for the university cricket match with the University of Pennsylvania on Homes Field Wednesday June 11, can be obtained at Thurston's. Price 25 cents.

CRICKET ELEVEN.- The following men will meet at Bartlett's at 12.30 sharp: Garrett, Sullivan, Balch, Frost, Crowninshield, Hewes, MacVeagh, Parker, Skinner, Carpenter. Lunch at Longwood.

R. D. BROWN.The following men will be at Leavitt and Peirce's at 12.20 to go to Providence: Stone, Parker, Howe, Wiggin, Merriam, Fearing, Jackson, Manley, Soule, Johnson, Watters, Churchill.

F. W. HALLOWELL.INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION.- Winners of first prizes in '86, '87, '88, or '89, subscribers to the challenge cup, and officers of the Association, can each get an admission and reserved seat for the games on Holmes field this afternoon. No tickets will be given out after 10 a. m.

TO STUDENTS.- Prof. Sturgeon offers his services as a reader. Can be found at his residence, No. 4 Butler's Court, from 7 a. m. to 10 a. m., and from 2 p. m. to 5 p. m.

Y. M. C. A.- The photograph-post poned last Tuesday-will be taken on Monday, June 9, at 12.35 p. m., on the north steps of Gore Hall.