Special Notices.

TUTORING in History I. Address,

C. E. WHITMORE, JR., 39 College House.TUTORING.- History 1, 11, 12, 15, Philosophy 14, Fine Arts 3, Political Economy 4.

WILLIAM W. NOLEN, 2 Manter Hall.76-tf.

DANCING.- Mrs. L. J. Chandler's dancing class meets every Tuesday at 8 o'clock. Odd Fellows Hall, Cambridgeport. Private lessons by appointment. Address,

MRS. L. J. CHANDLER, Cor. Main and Inman Sts., Cambridgeport.SEMINARS IN CHEMISTRY.- Chemistry A, Wednesday, January 21st, 7 p. m.; Chemistry I, Monday, February 2d, 7 p. m. Outlines will be furnished in Chem. A. Tutoring in these courses.

E. O. PARKER, '91, 9 Stoughton.90 2t

A COMPETENT bookkeeper and accountant with a few spare hours daily, offers his services to college clubs and societies or any others requiring work in his line of business.

E. M. WARLAND, 426 Harvard St., Opp. College Library.89-tf

TUTORING in Chemistry A, B and 1; Zoology 1; Geology 8; and Italian 1.

CHARLES L. MIX, 24 Grays; middle entry.89-3t

TUTORING in Chemistry A, Physics B, Geology 1 and Zoology 1. Seminar in Geology 1, Thursday, 8 p. m. Seminar in Physics B, Saturday, 8 p. m.

G. D. BUSSEY '91, 16 Stoughton.91 2t

POLITICAL ECONOMY I SEMINARS.- Thursday, I at 2 p. m. Mill. Vol. 1, to page 532, with lectures, and examination questions: II at 7.15 p. m. Mill., from page 535 to the end, with lectures, and questions. Fee for each, $2.50.

J. A. BAILEY, 31 Stoughton.91 2t