General Athletic News.

Notwithstanding the Mid-Years, the Mott Haven Team keeps steadily at work. There are some six squads in all; three regular squads in the morning from eleven to one, and one in the afternoon at 4.15. In addition to these some of the men are pole-vaulting, putting the shot, and walking. Many of the men will enter the B. A. A. games on February 14.

All the class crews as well as the 'varsity are also in training, but the baseball nine will not begin regular work until after the examinations. Of the twenty-three men who have signed thus far, about one-half are pitchers or catchers, and these meet Clarkson every afternoon at appointed times in the Carey Building. The dirt floor of the cage has been spaded to get rid of the frost, and a back-stop of netting has recently been put up.

The Bowling Club bowls every afternoon on the new alleys from four to six. After the Mid-Years matches will be arranged with the various bowling teams in this vicinity. The highest scores made thus far have been made by A. E. Burr '91, and J. H. Rhoades'92, who have each made 196.