Military Instruction in Colleges.

A recent action of Congress has increased from 50 to 75 the number of army officers who may be detailed to colleges and schools as instructors in military science and tactics, so that the aggregate of army and navy officers who can hereafter be assigned will be come 85. In the fifty colleges and schools now provided with army teachers there was an attendance of 11,760 male students at the latest reckoning, and 6,689 of these pupils were included in the military department. With like figures for the additional detail to be provided under the new law, we should have about 10,000 young men under instruction in military science and tactics, exclusive of the schools to which navy officers may be assigned.

The very fact that the growth has been so great, even under the statute limitation, shows that it is found to be advantageous to the institutions themselves. The increase in the maximum of detail will allow more of these institutions to profit by it.