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During the last few years, tumbling as a feature of the winter meetings has almost disappeared. Last year although but one man entered, with the aid of one of the gymnasium instructors, an exhibition was given which attracted the greatest general interest, and made it evident that, with more entries, the tumbling would be one of the most enjoyable features of the meetings. While it is true that the regularly organized teams rightly claim the athletic energy of a majority of the men physically suited to engage in feats of strength and skill, still it is strange that gymnasiums of a membership one-fifth the size of ours should present in their exhibitions tumbling so far superior to that which we have in ours. There must be at least a dozen men in college who, at some time or another, have practiced tumbling, and who, with Mr. Bowler to train them at the gymnasium, could make an exceedingly interesting event. These men should go to work at once, so that when the indoor meetings come off they will be in practice and one man will not have a walkover in the event.