ALL men who wish to obtain tickets for the B. A. A. games, before the public sale, must sign the blue book at Thurston's before six o'clock on Friday.

C. R. BARDEEN, Secretary H. A. A.FRENCH A.- The mid-year examination will be held in Sever 35 instead of in Sever 37, as announced. 99 2t

F. C. DE SUMICHRAST.HARVARD BANJO CLUB.- Members will hereafter pay no attention to notices of rehearsals or meetings unless signed by the secretary or leader.

S. W. ALLEN, Sec. G. L. OSGOOD, Jr., Leader.HEREAFTER, as heretofore, no lost or found or special notices will be published in the CRIMSON unless prepaid. Payments may be made at Leavitt and Peirce's or at the CRIMSON office.