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The Glee, the Banjo and the Mandolin Clubs have accomplished not a little on their Western trip, and from all that we can gather from newspapers and other outside sources they did more to impress the public with the true character of Harvard than we had any reason even to hope. The accounts of the concerts in the various cities were always flattering, although much to our amusement, a Chicago paper states that "it is a great pity that there were so few college songs on the programme and so much that was foreign to college life," adding, by way of remark, that "Harvard is in no way a representative American college or university. Her place is unique, there is nothing on earth quite like her." This paper adds that Yale "is not at all what an American college is." This kind of criticism is very encouraging, and needs no further elucidation. The great interest in Harvard which was re-awakened throughout the section of the country visited would be sufficient to repay everyone. It all goes to show how great a success in every way this trip has been.