Attendance at Cornell.

The annual report of the President of Cornell University gives some interesting tables in regard to the attendance at Cornell during the last six years. The total number in attendance in 1884-'85 was 563, and the number of women 58. In 1890-'91 the total number was 1,390, the number of women 157. Thus it is seen that the increase in the number of women students has considerably exceeded proportionally the total increase in the university attendance.

The president devotes considerable space to the discussion of co-education and the results thus far obtained. His conclusion with regard to the social influence wrought by the women is that "a vast majority of the young women are not only earnestly devoted to the working out of great and noble purposes, but are also disposed on every occasion to exert their influence in behalf of a cultivated and refined social life. This spirit pervades the college, and it would be difficult indeed to point to a single instance, during the last three years at least, where a prolonged residence within the institution has failed to result in elevating the individual standard of social conduct."