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Those who are interested in the new scheme of general tables at Memorial have been watching the experiment with the keenest interest. The success of the plan is earnestly hoped for by the Board of Directors and college authorities, for it means the solution of a very difficult question for both. The plan worked without any appreciable friction until the adoption of the rule requiring men who eat at the general tables to get a check from the Auditor before each meal. The very first time this rule was put in operation it received a severe test, and like all new things did not work with entire smoothness. The result was immediate opposition and openly expressed dissatisfaction. The plan has worked better, however, at every succeeding meal, and was fairly satisfactory yesterday. Now the one thing which is needed from those who eat at the general tables is a little patience. If they will bear little inconveniences for the time until the best plan for the management of the tables shall be hit upon. everything will come out right in the end. The Board of Directors and the steward are both studying the situation carefully, and as soon as they can devise a plan which promises more satisfactory results than the one now in operation, it will be tried. It is absolutely necessary of course that an accurate record of the men at the general tables be kept, and just at present no other plan suggests itself. As has been said above, patience is what is needed. The plan of general tables is new, and the most remarkable thing is that the success attending it has been as great. The plan was adopted by the Directors only after long hesitation and very few felt at all sanguine of success. It was understood to be only an experiment. The success which has attended it so far, however, has certainly taken it out of the list of experiments, and while the details of its practical working may cause some trouble and vexation at the start, there is no doubt that they, too, will be in the end worked out in perfect success.