'VARSITY NOTICE. - The following men will be at Leavitt & Pierce's at 1 10 sharp. ready to go to Andover: Mason, Giant, Vail, Shea, Highlands, A. B. Pierce, Newell, Hallowell, Cobb, Gage, Gray, Fearing, Lake, Fitzhugh, Miller. Trafford.

B. W. TRAFFORD, Capt.'93 ELEVEN. - Dibblee, Curtis, Chew, Win or. Stone, Cary, Hale, Falk, Pike, Lecompete, Hall. Slade, Dinsmore, Broughton, Rogers, Winslow, Brice, Malone, Stevens, Jackson, Thatcher, Duffield. Fairchild, must be on Norton's at 4 sharp.