Electric Lighting Postponed.

The electric lighting of the college has once more been postponed. All the obstacles to lighting the college by electricity had been cleared away and leave had been granted by the city of Cambridge to run wires in tunnels under the streets to the Law School and other college buildings, when on a petition of the Electric Light Company another hearing was given, and the question was decided against Harvard.

The plan of lighting was to have the dynamos in the basement of University, and from there to run wires to all the libraries, reading rooms, offices, etc., and also to have lights in the college yard. To reach to buildings outside of the yard it was necessary to run the wires under the streets. A petition to be allowed to do this was approved by the city of Cambridge, and then, as was said before, the Electric Light Company protested, and called for a second hearing. The hearing was granted, and both parties were represented by counsels. The decision was a very close one, the vote standing 5 to 4 in favor of the Electric Light Company. As the possibility of having all the buildings lighted by one central plant is thus for the present destroyed, and as it would require six separate plants to do all the lighting without running wires across the streets, the matter is still unsettled.