Special Notice.

ORIENTAL Rugs and Carpets, Ateshian & Co., 169 Tremont Street. Fine assortment of every kind of Turkish and Persian Rugs, Carpets, Hangings, etc., at exceedingly low prices to close out a collection of 5.000 prices before first of January. All in need of fine rugs should visit this establishment before going elsewhere. Most artistic and fine goods sold at low prices.



109 Tremont St., Boston.POL. ECON. 4; History 2 13; English 2. Tutoring. Also, Greek A. B. C, F; German A, C, 1a, 1b; French A, 1a.

DAVID TAGGART CLARK,64 College House.11-12 a. m., 5.30-6.30 p. m. (exc. Sat.) 26 2t.